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We are a dynamic team of procurement experts with 9 years china Import export experience. Our operational office is based in Guangzhou, China and our marketing office is in Australia. We have a global reach, servicing companies world-wide.

Our sourcing team consists of Chinese nationals with fluent language skills. Our administration team are native English speakers. This gives us the advantage of effectively communicating with both our clients and factories. We make it easy for you to import from China. We maintain a large network of reliable, verified manufactures and suppliers across a diverse sector. We have implemented stringent systems to ensure premium product quality and service.

We have the contacts, systems, personal and resources to offer you a comprehensive service resulting in the best possible outcome when importing from China. We are not a trading company. We act as a conduit between you, our client and your offshore trading partners. We will be your representative on the ground in China, checking every aspect of your order. We are an independent service, we are not aligned with any manufacturer, our only interest is you, our client. We offer a professional, personal service.




If you are a corporation that regularly trades off shore or a smaller company wanting to compete with your larger competitors, we can help. We are here to assist all business owners bridge the culture and commercial obstacles that can occur when entering an unfamiliar trading environment. We provide a trading service to entrepreneurs looking to source materials, components and manufactured goods offshore. Importing presents rewarding and exciting opportunities, but if not managed correctly, it can be stressful and expensive. Bia Trading is based in New South Wales, Australia with offices in China, Vietnam and India. Our personnel are bilingual, enabling us to effectively communicate with both our clients and suppliers. We are a trading company that acts as a conduit between our client and their offshore trading partner. Why buy wholesale when you can buy direct and eliminate the added costs accrued when goods pass through various companies. Our combined Australian and Vietnamese import expertise gives you effective strategies that will greatly improve your purchasing power. Be part of the modern trend and trade offshore without affecting the day to day running of your business or ever leaving the comfort of your office. You can be confident in the knowledge that we are representing you on the ground, ensuring that everything is progressing smoothly. When trading offshore there are three major obstacles to overcome Language can be the major problem you will have to conquer. If you don’t communicate effectively with your supplier or manufacturer, it is impossible to expect accurate and timely deliveries. One simple thing like being able to express your requirements and be fully understood can be the difference between your trade being profitable or hugely expensive. Business culture is completely different in Asia. Conducting business in your traditional manner could result in disappointment. To achieve the maximum benefit from your trading experience, you need to be able to navigate your way through the many customs and regulatory laws that exist. Time restraints can severely restrict the success of your offshore trading endeavors. Taking the necessary time away from your office to source and select suitable merchants and services can be taxing on your business both in time and expense. When you team with us these problems will be eliminated immediately, you have the opportunity to utilize our services and link into our extensive network of traders and manufacturers. We will conduct detailed negotiations and inspections, keeping you informed of progress at all times. We can assist you to successfully trade offshore if you are: A wholesaler, a distributor, a retailer or an entrepreneur A start up business looking to buy stock at reduced prices A business looking to be competitive and increase profits A designer wanting own designs manufactured under license An inventor looking to make a product or item a reality Asia is a real hub of opportunity, and should never be overlooked when wanting to take advantage of the substantial benefits you can enjoy by trading offshore. Unlike some other trading companies, when working with us it is possible to place both large and small productions runs. We are confident that we are able to source any item or business service required. When you engage our services, we offer a convenient and secure method to import from Asia without the need to leave your office.

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dtBIA gives all business owners the opportunity to take advantage of trading in China, with an aim of increasing profits in a competitive market without fear of expensive mistakes. We understand that business profits are dependent on buying power more than selling price. We have offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Sydney. Our personal are bilingual, which gives us the advantage of effectively communicating with both our clients and traders. We minimise the risk of trading in China by drawing from our large network of reputable manufacturers and implementing stringent systems to ensure premium product quality and service. We have the contacts, systems, personnel and resources to find you the best possible deal in China. When you engage our services we act as a conduit between you, our client and your offshore trading partner. We will be your representative on the ground checking every aspect of your order from negotiations to delivery. Your trading requirements will be attended to while you continue your day to day business activities without disturbance or loss.

When you engage us we offer you:

* Dedicated research team

* Bilingual project managers

* Extensive network of manufacturers

* Quality control inspections

* OEM service

* Knowledge of local trading customs

We can turn your concept into a fully branded product ready for sale in house or on a website complete with shopping cart and payment facility.

Our mission: to assist all business owners to bridge the cultural and language obstacles that can occur when entering an unfamiliar business environment

Our motto: Together we make a great team’ If you would like to learn how we can assist you to trade in China and increase your purchasing power, please contact our Live Help and chat to one of our team or visit our Contact page.

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