We are a procurement management service with ten years’ experience.

At dtBIA, we make it easy to purchase from China. We facilitate your purchases, acting as the intermediary between you and the manufacturer. We ensure that every aspect of your order is to your specifications. Over our years of experience, we have built a comprehensive database of trusted factories, while constantly searching for and selecting the best manufacturers for new projects.

Working in an ever-changing environment, we know how important it is to keep abreast of modern trends. To this end, we have stringent systems and procedures in place to ensure our clients stay on top of a competitive market. We work with our clients to source a wide range of products, giving us experience across extensive manufacturing sectors. We source any product you want from China.

Our operational office is based in Guangzhou, China and our admin office is in Australia. Our sourcing team are all Chinese nationals with fluent language and negotiating skills. Our admin team are native English speakers. We communicate with our factories and our clients in their own language.

dtBIA is an independent service; we are not aligned with any manufacturer or supplier. Our only interest is you—our client. We have the contacts, systems, personnel, and resources to offer you a comprehensive service, resulting in the best possible outcome when importing from China.

We are available to answer all your questions. Chat to us using Live Help at the bottom of the page, or visit our Contact page for other options.


We are skilled negotiators.

It is a relatively easy task to source a product from China and get a price. However, it is a completely different matter to source a reliable factory with the facilities and modern equipment capable of manufacturing your product to your specifications. At dtBIA, this is our strength.

Whether you are a corporation that regularly trades in China and you’re looking to save on time and resources, or a smaller company wanting to compete with your competitors, we can work with you to achieve your targets. We offer a comprehensive procurement service, from research and development right through to delivery. Our experienced team will source any product you need.

Building Industry: We have a wealth of experience with both domestic and commercial building, and can source everything from door handles to prefab buildings. We ensure all materials comply with country codes and standards. Visit our Building page for more information.

Hotel refurbishment and shop fit-outs: We work with company owners, architects, and designers to micro-manage every aspect of the manufacturing process of your project. We keep a close eye on quality control and deadlines, visiting the factory regularly during production and prior to packing.  Buying from China can be extremely cost-effective, with quality and design second-to-none.

We remove the risks of buying direct from factories and make sourcing from China efficient and dependable.

We are available to answer all your questions. Chat to us using Live Help at the bottom of the page, or visit our Contact page for other options.


We have a global reach – Our clients are from countries world wide

Importing from China presents rewarding and exciting opportunities, but if not managed correctly, it can be stressful and expensive.

Our core business is procurement but we go much further.  We will work closely with you to bridge the cultural and commercial obstacles that can occur when trading in China. We handle everything from sourcing and quality control to delivery. We can greatly improve your purchasing power.

Time restraints are always present in any business. Taking the necessary time away from your office to source and select suitable factories can be taxing on your business, both in time and expense.

We offer you the opportunity to utilize our service and link into our extensive network of verified manufactures. Having a salesperson tell you that their factory is capable of manufacturing the product you need is not enough. We will visit the factory, meet with management, and check the operation before any manufacturer is selected.

We become your representative in China—we work for you, checking all aspects of your project. We carry out regular quality control checks during production and before packing. We are on the ground and can be at the factory within hours should a problem arise. We aggregate your consignment, which can mean considerable savings on freight costs. We are able to efficiently manage all aspects of your import-export activity.

We are available to answer all your questions. Chat to us using Live Help at the bottom of the page, or visit our Contact page for other options.

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